Philips- FLEX BT2000B37 Bluetooth- Wireless -Portable

Top 12 Bluetooth Speakers

Are you looking for portable Bluetooth Speakers?

Here is the top 12 list.

You wanna rock in the outdoor birthday parties or thanksgiving parties with your crazy steps in the beats of Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift or Adele.

You want to listen to music anywhere, and then you don’t need to carry a whole music system with those crappy wires in your car, bag or motorcycle.

You want to create some pleasant musical moment with your beloved at the end of a long drive or you want to have a little dance with your friends around the bonfire in a night of a skiing trip.

You just want be alone at the riverside with your favorite singer or you are eagerly looking for a nice piece of gift item for Christmas. Here you will need portable Bluetooth speakers and here is the list, from which you can choose your favorite one. These speakers are nice and having outstanding features like awesome audio quality, portability, great design and some are waterproof also. These Bluetooth speakers are incredible and surely impress anybody with stellar performance and serious musical beats.

The best part of it; these are light weight, small in size and easy to carry.  Some of these are selling at great discount in price and some are going to be out of stock, so hurry up grab your favorite one and grab it now.

  1. Dell 0p31yAd211-BK Bluetooth portable speaker – Price – $67.11

Dell 0p31yAd211-BK Bluetooth portable speaker

Dell 0p31yAd211-BK Bluetooth portable speaker

The black color with 4 star rating portable Bluetooth speakers is water resistance so you can enjoy your sound at the pool or beach. It can steam music from your laptop, phone and tablet with awesome clear sound.

It is just 7 inches long and has a weight less than 1 pound.  It has two innovative acoustic drivers with a powerful passive radiator, and these speakers gives excellent spectrum of sound with crystal clear high and lows.

These speakers are equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth 4.0 which is able to give you two reliable source of wireless connectivity with a range of 10 meters.  With a rechargeable battery it can play high quality sound up to 10 hours continuously and has inbuilt feature of integrated microphone with answer button.  This allows you to make your Smartphone hands free.

Product type – Speaker (portable), Integrated components – Microphone, Protection – Waterproof, Weight – 10.58 oz, Power – 5 Watt, Frequency Response – 100 – 20000Hz, Connectivity – Bluetooth, NFC, Speakers – Stereo, Color – Black, Power options – USB charging, Battery – Rechargeable

  1. HP Black Roar Mini Speaker (P6N15AA#ABL)— Price — $34

HP- Black -Roar- Mini- Speaker -(P6N15AA#ABL)

HP- Black -Roar- Mini- Speaker -(P6N15AA#ABL)

Extraordinary triangular shape and sleek design amplify the sound. It is just 3 inch by 3 inch size and can be easily fitted in any accessory pocket. With an extraordinary rechargeable battery status it can lasts up to 26 to 28 hours.

It has also internal passive radiator which boost the bass performance. Having inbuilt feature of microphone and speakerphone with the extra feature of noise cancellation.  Awesome touch button control on the end of speaker makes it easier to operate.

It has automatic syncing feature can connect to two Bluetooth devices concurrently with the Bluetooth connectivity of 33 feet.

Product type – Speaker (portable), Integrated components — Microphone and speakerphone, Size – 3 inch by 3 inch,  Weight – 8.8 ounces ,  Battery – One Lithium battery,  Color —  Black, Blue, White, Red, Orange, Green, Snow white,   Connectivity – Wireless Bluetooth connectivity up to 33 feet, Power option – USB charging.

  1. Philips FLEX BT2000B/37 Bluetooth Wireless Portable, Price – from $13.69 to $33.70

Philips- FLEX BT2000B37 Bluetooth- Wireless -Portable

Philips- FLEX BT2000B37 Bluetooth- Wireless -Portable

A can bottled shaped with sleek and sexy design portable Bluetooth speaker having the extraordinary features of loud and distortion free music. Made by Philips electronics; a very loyal name in the world of electronics.

It has a wide range of connectivity and can connect to every musical device including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, tablets and laptops.  Connects with Bluetooth 4.0 and the range of connectivity is 30 ft.

It has anti clipping feature that helps to play music louder with high quality that reduces audio distortion. USB charging feature having Lithium Polymer Battery with capacity of 12 hours continuously play music. Size is just 3.7 by 3.9 by 3 inches and having a weight of 5.6 ounces.

Product type – Speaker (portable), Integrated Compounds – Speaker, Size — 3.7 by 3.9 by 3 inches, Weight  — 5.6 ounces, Battery – Lithium Polymer Battery,  Color –Red, Black/White, Blue/Green  Connectivity – Wireless Bluetooth connectivity 4.0, Power option – USB charging.

  1. Samsung Radiant 360 R7 Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Multi-Room 2-Way Streaming Speakers – Price – $347.99

Samsung- Radiant 360 R7 Wi-Fi- Bluetooth- Wireless Multi-Room 2-Way -Streaming- Speakers

Samsung- Radiant 360 R7 Wi-Fi- Bluetooth- Wireless Multi-Room 2-Way -Streaming- Speakers

It includes Samsung Bluetooth wireless speakers that can be used indoor as well as outdoor. It is multifunctional with ring radiator technology that can produce 3060  sound.

Built in R7 speakers connect wirelessly with your Smartphone and Samsung TV.  Curvy, sophisticated and modern design fits in the wild and at the table surface too. Having control panel at the surface makes the controlling easy.

Product type – Speaker (portable), Integrated Compounds – Speakers, Size – 7.13 by 7.13 by 16.61, Battery – Lithium Battery, Weight – 9.3 pounds,  Color – Black, Connectivity – Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

  1. Jabra Solemate Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker – Price — $6999

Jabra- Solemate -Wireless -Bluetooth- Portable- Speaker

Jabra- Solemate -Wireless -Bluetooth- Portable- Speaker

With three front facing speakers including two tweeters and one subwoofer produce powerful sound. Including a long lasting sound bag that protects it from sand, moisture and sun provides extra durability.

Connect both wired and wirelessly via USB cable, Bluetooth or 3.5 audio wires gives a wide range of connectivity. It can connect with computer, mobile phone, Smartphone, and tablet.

Extraordinary feature of speakerphone that can make calls and receive calls also. Accessories given in the box are USB charging cable, 3.5 mm audio cable and a long-lasting sound bag. Contibuously 8 hours can make calls or play music with the 40 days standby.

Product type – Speaker (portable), Integrated compounds – Speakerphones and Microphones, Size – 7.3 by 5.1 by 3.1 inches, Weight – 2.4 pounds, Color – Yellow, Red, Blue, white, Black and Grey, Connectivity – Bluetooth and NFC, Power option – Rechargeable Lithium battery.

  1. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II (Carbon)— Price — $179

Bose- SoundLink- Mini Bluetooth- Speaker- II -(Carbon

Bose- SoundLink- Mini Bluetooth- Speaker- II -(Carbon

Having small speakers that produce big sound and you can take your sound anywhere you want.  Compact speakers can easily fit in any backpack or even in your coat packet, it is just small enough to fit and powerful enough to produce big sound.

The extraordinary built-in feature of voice prompts make easy pairing with Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and other Bluetooth devices.  Thus, you don’t need to carry wires with you.

Having the USB charging slot can be easily charged with your Smartphone, Car, Laptop or any USB connecting device’s charger. Can play continuous music up to 10 hours unplugged. The speaker having sleek design fits in your office, home or outdoor.

Product Type – Speaker (portable), Integrated compounds – Speakerphones, Size – 7.3 by 2.3 by 2 inches, Weight – 1.5 pounds, Color – Carbon and Pearl, Connectivity – Bluetooth, Power Option – USB charging with Lithium battery.

  1. Koss BTS1 Bluetooth Speaker – Price $3577

Koss BTS1- Bluetooth -Speaker

Koss BTS1- Bluetooth -Speaker

Amazing sleek design lightweight ready to go speaker produce loud sound. Connectivity both wire and wirelessly having a auxiliary cable to chain it to many speakers.

Easy to control having the control panel on the board and weight just about 5.8 ounces can easily fit in any backpack or even in handbag.

Easy to charge the Lithium Ion battery with any USB charger and can be used as a PC speaker.  This speaker can play music while charging to save the battery.

Product Type – Speaker ( portable), Integrated Compound – Speaker,  Size – 4 by 3 by 1 inches, Weight – 5.8 Ounces, Color – White, Connectivity – Bluetooth and Auxiliary,  Power option – USB charging with Lithium Battery,  Battery Life —  Average 5 hours.

  1. UE BOOM 2 Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speakers (Waterproof and Shockproof) – Price — $129.99

UE -BOOM 2- Phantom- Wireless- Mobile- Bluetooth- Speakers- (Waterproof and Shockproof)

UE -BOOM 2- Phantom- Wireless- Mobile- Bluetooth- Speakers- (Waterproof and Shockproof)

Amazingly have waterproof and shockproof features (up to 30 minutes in a depth of 1 meter). Awesome look having 360 degrees loud sound and deep bass!  Very easy to carry so you can party anywhere, even in the woods or office.

You can connect more than fifty UE speakers using the UE app, so if you want even big sound no need to carry the whole music system or DJ. Extraordinary connectivity feature having the Bluetooth range of 100 ft with the battery backup of 15 hours. Connectivity of Echo dot (second generation), voice control with Alexa.

Excellent quality of sound with the maximum level of 90dBA and the range of frequency is 90 Hz to 20 kHz. Easily connects to every Bluetooth devices including Smartphone, Tablets and Laptops.

Product Type—Speaker (portable), Integrated Compound — Speaker, Size – 2.5 by 2.5 by 7 inches, Weight – 19.2 ounces, Color – Blue, Black, Orange, White and many more, Connectivity – Bluetooth, Power option – USB Charging with Lithium Ion Battery, Battery Life – Average 15 hours, Accessories – Power Adaptor and USB cable

  1. TRAKK 20W 360 Degree Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Power Bank Immersive Sound, Extreme – Price — $6995

TRAKK- 20W 360- Degree -Portable- Bluetooth- Speakers with Power Bank Immersive Sound

TRAKK- 20W 360- Degree -Portable- Bluetooth- Speakers with Power Bank Immersive Sound

Gorgeous look having rich texture and a long lasting rubber handle make it very easy to carry. Very fashionable having rich patterns and fabric artistic design, can be an eye catcher whether in the woods or in living room.

Speakers produce 3600 clear and rich audio, having the shockproof technology protects your device. 20 Watt driver produces a high quality of sound with loud bass and rich and clear music.

Long distance Bluetooth connectivity includes a power bank of 7500 Mah and average 15 hrs of continuous play time.

Product Type – Speaker (portable), Integrated compound – Speaker, Size—8.3 by 1.9 by 5 inches, Weight – 25.6 ounces, color – Vibrant colors with Camo Style, Connectivity – Bluetooth,  Power option – lithium ion batteries required, Battery Life – Average 15 hrs,  Accessories — Power Bank (7500 Mah).

  1. Sony Bluetooth Speaker 3.0 – Retail Packaging Model No — BSP10, Price – $85.06

Sony- Bluetooth- Speaker 3.0 - Retail- Packaging

Sony- Bluetooth- Speaker 3.0 – Retail- Packaging

Very sophisticated design with 3600 speakers spread music in all direction. Wireless mini speakers produces deep bass and rich quality of sound with clear highs.

With the control panel on the surface of the speaker having built in feature of making calls, makes your device hands free and very easy to handle.  Extraordinary charging feature can easily charged with the micro USB cable or a certified charge plate.

Extra durable battery: having the maximum playtime of 10 hours in just a single charge.

Product Type – Speaker (portable), Integrated Compound – Speakerphones, Size — 0.02 by 3.07 by 2.36 inches, Weight – 17.6 ounces, Color – Black and White, Connectivity – Bluetooth, Power Option – Chargeable Battery, Battery Life – Average 10 hours.

  1. LG Electronics Music Flow P5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Price – from $39.99 to $87.99

LG- Electronics- Music- Flow- P5- Portable- Bluetooth- Speaker

LG- Electronics- Music- Flow- P5- Portable- Bluetooth- Speaker

Simple, sophisticated and light weight portable design speaker can be easily carried and goes with anything.  Exceptionally having small size, speakers produce a rich quality of sound with not missing a single note of the tune. Extra durable battery provides you the continuous playtime of 15 hours.

Extraordinary feature of connectivity and can connect or pair two devices at the same moment. You can pair or connect two speakers that will produce much big sound. Having the extra features in the LG Bluetooth app can be controlled with your devices.  You can also connect your LG TV or any projector through Bluetooth.

Product Type – Speakers (portable),

Integrated Compounds – Speakers, Size — 6 by 2.3 by 2.4 inches, Weight– 20.08 ounces, Color – Black, White, Black/Red, White/Lime, White/Orange, Connectivity – Bluetooth, Power Option – Chargeable Battery, Battery Life – Average 15 hours.

  1. Libratone ZIPP WiFi + Bluetooth Multi-Room Wireless Speaker, Price – from $246 to $249 (ZIPP), Price — $199.00 (ZIPP Mini)

Libratone- ZIPP WiFi - Bluetooth Multi-Room- Wireless -Speaker

Libratone- ZIPP WiFi – Bluetooth Multi-Room- Wireless -Speaker

Last product of the list having the unique sleek and sophisticated design comes with dual versions Zipp and Zipp mini. Both versions are light weight, and goes with your home or office decor and are very easy to carry.

60 Watts power of speakers having 360influence spread the music to the every corner. Amazing sound with deep bass and crisp high provides rich quality of sound without missing a single note of the sound. This speaker having the wide range of connectivity supports Bluetooth, WiFi, DLNA (Android), AirPlay (iOS) and Spotify Connect also.

Extraordinary feature of connectivity can connect 6 ZIPPS at a time and produce even bigger sound, Chargeable battery provides 10 hours of continuous playtime.

Product Type – Speaker (portable), ZIPP (Size — 4.8 x 4.8 x 10.3 inches, Weight — 3.3 pounds) ZIPP mini (Size — 3.9 by 3.9 by 8.8 inches, Weight – 2.4 pounds), Color – Red, Graphite Grey, Cloudy Grey, Deep Lagoon,  Connectivity — Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,  AirPlay, Spotify Connect, DLNA,  Power Option – Battery and AC, Battery Life – Average 10 hours, Acessories – AC Adaptor, Cover, Directions.

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