Top 10 Personal Tech Gadgets for 2016

In the modern era, people like to have stylish and fashionable Gadgets. Gadget makes our life easy and fashionable.

People addicted to use gadgets, you know. Now you can look every place, many people cling with minimum one of the most fashionable gadget.

People like to have gadgets because they are very important and useful for now-this-days. People do not want to leave gadget because they love it.

They can forget everything but can’t forget taking their smart gadgets.

Many people interested to take gadgets but due to lack of required and described information, they don’t know the use of many gadgets. That’s why they do not want to have and use it…

But today I would like to introduce you all, the top 10 personal tech gadgets for 2016. I hope you were interested to know about the latest gadgets for 2016. So, let’s move forward for knowing something about gadgets:

  1. Apple Smart WatchOS 2
Apple Smart WatchOS 2

Apple Smart Watch

Apple smart watch is one of the best gadgets for user. Its smarter work makes it smart.

It comes in two different sizes i.e. 42mm and 38mm, and in three collections, stainless steel, gold and aluminium.

It is more compatible and supports updating features. It means, we can download and install WatchOS 2 on any of the Apple Watch that includes:

apple watch sport, apple watch (steel) and apple watch edition (gold).

Now all the features are came back i.e. photo, live photo and album.

We can send and receive new animated emoji.

It contains an activity app that is more helpful for calling weekly activities summary at any time. And it is easy to launching the activity app.


  • The Apple Smart Watch is well constructed, have more apps, sending and receiving call feature through an iphone.


  • It has no longer support of battery i.e. lasted in a day. Slow in communication with a paired iphone.
  1. Google Glass 2
Google Glass 2

Google Glass 2

Google Glass is one of the most fashionable and functionable gadget. People like to wear this gadget.

It has better and improved camera quality. People really love to wear this gadget after using minimum one time.

And one of the best important features is: waterproofing.

Google glass are more useful in recording videos, taking pictures, show messages, finding information, live video sharing, showing maps and in translation.


  • Through this, we can always be connected.
  • Provides “hand free” work.
  • Easy to use.


  • User may feel headache or eye stain
  • Using Google Glass could be distraction
  1. DJI Phantom Drone 4
DJI Phantom Drone 4

DJI Phantom Drone 4

It is easy to use and handle the Phantom 4 because it is user friendly and portable. Phantom 4 became more popular among the people by his good quality of capturing photo and video.

This is one of the best flying cameras indeed. Nobody can hide from Drone camera. We can capture the photo from anywhere and anytime through Phantom 4 Drone.
It is easy to use and can be remote controlled. It contains active track which tracks the moving objects. Phantom 4 is capable for capturing the video also with a more control.

It have very high definition camera which makes it very powerful for capturing the photo and video.

Phantom 4 can stay in air for a long time.


  • Portability
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to add-on hardware


  • Not friendly for Newbie
  • Much expensive
  1. Smart Wi-Fi Camera – Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 III

Camera makes our life memorable and happiness.

The top plate contains pop up EVF, flash, zoom rocker, power button, mode dial and shutter release. It contains rear display of 3-inch LCD panel with 1,228 dot resolution. Display of this camera is one of the best which you will find in a pocket camera.

In this modern camera, Wi-Fi is almost standard that contains necessary features.

This camera can be compatible paired with table laptops and smart phones. Also remote control is possible by app which is accessible by the camera menu.

Camera have movie button which is used for one touch video recording. Around the lens, there is control ring. Camera contains many controls to remap the suit of our style.

One of the best features is camera’s flash hides inside body when it is not in use.


  • Tilting touch screen LCD. Best ISO performance.
  • Have 28-300mm f / 2.8 Zoom lens.
  • Support Wi-Fi.


  • Mic input is unavailable.
  • Colour fringing is noticeable in some images.
  1. Bed phones

In-this-day bed phones became more popular in the place of headphones. Really it is compatible to listening music while we are in bed.

Headphone disturbs to listening music during sleeping in a bed but bed phone is more comfortable to listening music during sleeping in bed. It provides soft fit in our ears.

It contains an optional inline microphone for taking calls and to control the music without touching the phone.


  • Extremely small in size and weight
  • Easy to adjust
  • In line microphone


  • Comfort depends on our ear size
  1. Power bank- Xiaomi MI
Power bank- Xiaomi MI

Xiaomi MI

Powerbank are more important for our smart phones or other gadgets while travelling long distances. Powerbank helps to charge our phones when phone became shut down.

We know that phone do not provide long battery life, therefore we should have to take powerbank. If will be charged then it is easy to charge our phone many times and at any place. Therefore, it is very necessary to have powerbank.

It has high capacity of 16000mAh which is very good. It’s performance is better than others. Input type is 5.0v/2.0A and output 5.1v/2.1A.

It is also light-weight i.e. 0.330kg


  • High battery capacity
  • Dual USB port
  • Auto charging cut/off
  1. Logitech UE Mega Boom

UE Mega Boom is the Bluetooth speaker and one of the good looking devices. It looks like more fashionable and keeps impressions among the user.

The best performance makes it more popular among the user and also provides waterproofing facility. It allows free companion by his own app.

As people aspect, pairing of two speakers together and also creating stereo separation can significantly improve its sound quality.

This device is portable and can be used in different places.


  • Impressive sound quality
  • Excellent battery life
  • Upgraded Bluetooth range and waterproof.


  • More expensive
  1. Mycestro Wearable Mouse
Wearable Mouse

Wearable Mouse

Mouse for our finger can make our life easy, really great news for us because it is boring to use mouse during using keyboard and wastage of time also.

It can be wearable on our index finger.

It contains three buttons and has scroll capability also and after wearing this we will be able to move the cursor without taking any hands away from keyboard. Using this mouse we can control cursor like natural gestures.

It is the perfect way for using in conference, planes and server labs.

This will be more useful for presentation too.


  • Easy to use
  • Saves time and energy


  • Not available for left hand
  1. Movi Camera

Using this livestream movi camera and its iOS app, we can create videos with more variety of shots. And making the variety in shots it is required one camera and iPhone.

We can wirelessly c0nnect camera and iphone. One of the best thing is camera has an intelligent face detection ability.

Also, it supports movement tracking capability which is more interesting.

It is designed like our eye and has best performance of capturing the video also.


  • Best performance
  • External phone is required for watching live or record


  • Only supports 32 GB
  • Battery last within 1-2 hours of streaming.
  1. DESTEK- 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset

This device is created by the VR glasses and feels more reality using smart phone.

We can play many games through this device and game can be download the Google play store and Apple app store.

One important thing: we should care our eyes while using this device.


  • Revolutionary and amazing technology
  • Android and iPhone companion
  • Cool tech looks


  • Focus adjustment is not available

So, these are the top 10 gadget for 2016 and I hope you will enjoy reading this article. I have tried my best for selecting these gadgets for presenting in front of you. And I think you will know about many new things about gadgets which you have never listen or never seen before.

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Personal Tech Gadgets for 2016

  1. Very cool list of gadgets. I have the Apple Watch and it’s definitely a favorite gadget of mine. I wear it every day and would really miss it if I didn’t have it.

    I hadn’t heard of bed phones, but that makes sense. I like to fall asleep listening to podcasts and audiobooks and they would work well for me.

    • Hello Carolyn ma,am.

      Thanks for your appreciable comment. 🙂 I like it. It’s my pleasure that you know about bed phones from my site. Glad to know that you are taking interest on latest gadgets ma,am.

      Thanks a lot for taking interest in my site.

      looking forward to see you here often ma,am 🙂

  2. Nice article!!
    From past few days I’m Looking for Best Power bank for my iPhone finally I got that from here Power bank- Xiaomi MI
    It’s Looking Awesome.

    Thank you very much!!

    • Hello Ranveer,
      Glad to see you here.. 🙂

      First, I would like to say thanks for your choice of power bank from my list. Its my pleasure that you liked to have this gadgets. It really help me to grow my writing capability on “people needs stuff” for modern era.

      See you soon..
      Thanks 🙂
      – Ravi.

    • Hello Mohit,

      Nice to see you here 🙂 and thanks for your comment to my site TechPersonally. It’s matter of great pleasure to me that you have liked DGI Phantom from the list of top gadgets.

      It really appreciate me to write some more on latest technology.. 🙂

      Thanks for coming..
      – Ravi.

    • Hey Mark,

      Most welcome to TechPersonally, and thanks for leaving your comment here..

      Yeah, I agree with your thoughts but these gadgets are critical and more beneficial to make our life easiest, you know. Therefore, I think according to work doing ability they are not much expensive.

      Thanks for stopping by.. 🙂
      Keep Watching.. 🙂 🙂
      – Ravi.

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