Power Banks

The Top 12 Power Banks under $50

Nowadays, Powerbanks are more popular due to having portability charging features of our smart phones, cameras and every useful gadget in our daily life.

Power banks are light weight and portable therefore, people love to have power bank during travelling to charge their mobile devices.

People are addicted to use gadgets and therefore it is difficult to manage their battery whole time. Therefore they need power bank, compared as a special battery for them. Powerbanks store electrical energy and help us to charge up our mobile devices such as cameras, smart phones, etc.

Power Banks

Power Banks

Power bank is the best solution for everyone to get rid from low battery problem of our gadgets which are useful. It is necessary to have power bank for gadget lovers who like to use gadgets all day.

Power banks are almost the best USB charged devices such as cameras, Mp3Player, Portable speaker, smart phone, tablet, Bluetooth etc. Power bank are also known as power stations.

Having power bank we can charge our gadgets anywhere. No matters that we are in forest or remote area, having a powerful powerbank we can easily charge our mobile devices.

Let’s come to know here about the top and latest useful power banks which are mentioned below:

1. Lenovo PA 13000 Powerbank (Amazon price – $29)

Lenovo powerbank has a great intelligent power control chip which help to prevent from damaging our smartphone due to excessive flow of current.

It has a large battery capacity of 13000mAh with quick charging.

It has output with great auto-sensing feature and recharge cycles up to 500 times multiple protection design.

Due to matte with plastic, help to prevent from mishandling issues.

Lenovo powerbank has two USB ports and therefore we can charge our two mobile devices simultaneously.

The weight of this powerbank is only 281 gm which is more lightly to use anywhere.

2. Microsoft DC-34 12000mAh powerbank (Amazon Price- $40)

The powerbank of Microsoft shaped with rectangle with dimension 87x100x25 and having weights 275 gm only.

This powerbank has fast charging quality and have two ports; therefore we can charge two devices at a same time.

The most important thing is: it is compatible with digital camera, media player, tablet and mobile phone.

It is a great user interface device with charging and battery level LED indicators. It is more energy efficient charger which the user likes most now a day. Also it has a micro USB connectivity option.

3. Samsung 18520 Halo Portable charger (Amazon price – $25)

This device is portable and will keep you more powered on the different places.  It is light weighted, highly powerful and portable too.

It will be easy to you that you can store it in your pocket during travel time. Samsung 18520 halo have 10400mAh rechargeable batteries which comes with premium quality cells and powerful structure.

It is the best choice for the user who likes to travel here and there. It facilitates to charge two smartphone devices at time, which is wonderful. It has a capacity to charge our smartphone less than six hours.

Due to always use of smart phones or gadgets battery drains quickly; therefore, it required one external power which is power bank.

This device does not overheat and therefore, it might be best for you. This device has two dual charge output which we can use simultaneously and do not lowers its value.

4. Huawei Honor AP007 13000mAh Powerbank (Amazon Price – $27)

The powerbank has great battery capacity of 13000mAh and Li-ion battery type which is awesome for charging our mobile devices completely at any places.

It has two USB ports which is great facility to charge two devices simultaneously. It supports 5v 2A output, which makes the charging process faster.

It is built with high temperature protection technology and gone through reliability testing. Also, it provides security protection.

It comes with power button and LED indicators which shows the charging process.

5. Sony CP-V10 10000mAh Powerbank (Amazon price – $36)

This powerbank has a great 10000mAh lithium polymer battery and it is compatible with all smartphone.

The main important feature is we can charge up to four smartphone. And we can recharge our smartphone as quickly as if we were charging through the AC.

Due to having four handy LED light indicators we can easily check charging.

It comes with a micro USB cable and therefore we can easily recharge the battery.

Also, due to having hybrid technology the CP-V10 has great charging cycle.

6. Xiaomi’s 10000mAh Mi 5 powerbank with USB Type –C connectivity. (Amazon price – $22)

The Powerbank comes with 10000mAh battery capacity and have a fast charging ability. This is more lightly and smaller which is makes it portable.

The highlight of this powerbank is: it has a two way quick charging innovation which is amazing. Also have a chipset protection system and strong layers of security instruments. The look of this powerbank is great impressive and provides powerful performance.

It protect from input overload and short circuit during charging.

7. HP F4C80AA Powerbank of 7500 mAh (Amazon Price – $39)

The powerbank comes with immediate charging of most micro USB port and it is easy to charge smart phones and tablets while travelling time.

It provides the convenient dual charging at a time of most smartphone and tablets with a micro USB port.

The minimalist compact design of this powerbank easily fit into pockets.

Also, it protects and prevent against the power fluctuations which is awesome technology on powerbank. The weight of powerbank is only 0.23 kg.

8. Asus ABTU005 ZenPowerbank (Amazon Price – $25)

It is packed with 10050mAh battery power with ultra fast charging facility of any smart devices.

The most important fact to purchase this powerbank is: it have sleek design and great affordable price which makes it great companion for the person who like to travel and need to charge mobile devices during travel time. It has only one USB port.

It is light weight device and has a wonderful structure so that it can be fit perfectly in our palm.

The stylish look of this device is unique and has a extra protection feature with vibrant twist like soft touching, scratch protection and impact resistance.

9. OnePlus Powerbank (Amazon Price – $21)

Oneplus powerbank offers great power value and therefore it is easy to charge our mobile devices anywhere.

It has a powerful 10,000 mAh battery and comes with two different colour choices, which are silk white and sandstone black. It provides one micro USB port and two USB ports for output and therefore, we can charge two mobile devices simultaneously.

This powerbank is amazing and offer to never slip down from our hand.

It has LED light indicator which helps to show the status of powerbank while getting charge or charging other devices.

10. Intex IT-PB11K 11,000mAh Powerbank (Amazon price- $14)

This powerbank comes with a high capacity of 11,000mAh powerful battery having 3USB 2.0 output ports with a USB cable. We can charge multiple mobile devices from this powerbank simultaneously.

The look and design of this powerbank is amazing and when we talk about the performance, it is bright and powerful.

The powerbank also has a LED torch and 4 LED light indicators which shows the user that how much power is remaining to charge or getting charge.

11. iball PB-8802 ( Amazon Price – $14)

It has a battery capacity of 8800mAh, with high power capacity and quick charging ability.

This powerbank contains with dual USB ports and therefore, we can charge two devices simultaneously.

It is an emergency powerbank which facilitates charge anytime and anywhere and comes with fashionable design.

Also it allows multi protection feature which protect against overcharge, over discharging and short-circuit.

12. Karbonn Polymer-10 10000mAh powerbank (Amazon price- $23)

The powerbank comes with stylish and sleek design and have a powerful structure. The powerbank has 10,000mAh powerful battery and have 1A input and 2A output means we can charge our two mobile devices simultaneously.

This powerbank is a multi-functional and has an LED torch also. It has LCD display for power indication which is wonderful also contains TF card reader.

Here, you have watched all the latest and popular powerbank which are useful for charging our mobile devices. And I hope, you will like to have powerbank because day by day it is becoming very popular and necessary too. As we all know we use our devices very much in a day and it is very difficult to manage battery and therefore, we need an extra device which help to keep the battery charged whole time at any place.

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