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Backup Options – Top 10 Types of External Data Backup Ideas

In modern era, external data backup devices are very common in use. These are portable and easy to use in different-different places according to user’s need.

As we all know, we need more convenient to carry and high capacity of data storage devices for storing important and useful data.

Now a day it becomes most essential part of human life. People love to have external data backup devices in their pocket for some exceptional use.

Using external data backup devices we can easily transfer data between computers. These devices are convenient to carry and offer fast data backup.  It is easy data recovery as compared to other storage devices too.

Advantage of using external device, it is not necessary to connected whole time through our machines that is we can connect it according our need. Another best thing using external device is portability feature which is awesome.

Now, we are going to discuss about some important and popular external data backup ideas which are listed below:

1. DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)




DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc and widely used for data storage.

DVD is easy to carry and less extensive than other external data storage devices too.

If DVD is single sided and single layered disc, it capable of storing data 4.7GB. The look and design of DVD and CD are same but they are different from each other.

DVD can store large amount of data than CD. So, DVD storage is the perfect for our situation.


It is less expensive than other data backup device.

Easy to carry


They can easily break.

They need special drive to read and write.

2. External HDD (Hard Disc Drive)

External HDD

External HDD

Hard drive are more portable and easy to use. Hard drives used for storing and retrieving the data in a convenient way. It has a capacity of storing the large amount of data.

It can only be used after connecting through the USB wire or wireless connection to a computer. After connecting to a computer, we can easily transfer the data.

Hard drive is also responsible to store the large size of program and software. It comes with the size of 500GB, 1TB and more. It has a capacity to perform better than other large data storing medium.


It is large in size.

It consumes a lot of power.


It allows data to be stored in one place.

It has a great read/write speed.

3. Pen Drive



Pen drives are also known as flash memory device and used for storing and transferring the data files from a computer.

It is an improvement of older floppy drive disk and compact disk. This is known for transferring the data at higher speed.

Now a day it becomes more popular among user because of its plug and play features. Using this device we can easily move the data from computer hard drive to this device.

It is easy to carry and can be used everywhere, therefore people love to have this small device.


Files can be easily accessible.

More convenient to carry due to light weight


It requires USB port and computer access.

It is easy to misplace.

4. Micro SD (Micro Secure Digital) Card

Micro SD

Micro SD

Micro SD card is also a type of flash memory card and it is non-volatile. Micro SD card is the most common external data storage idea for smartphones, cameras, music player etc.

Micro SD card is portable can be used as USB too, by just inserting into USB reader or CardReader.

They look small in size but can easily store enormous amount of data according to your need at everyplace. It comes with 1 GB to about 64 GB in our phone.

Pros- Easy to insert and remove from devices

Small and tiny but large storage space

Cons- Data transferring speed is slower

User afraid from losing micro SD card due to their small size

5. SD (Secure Digital) Card

SD Card

SD Card

SD card is made for storing the high capacity of memory in small size. SD card is used to store and retrieve the data. And transferring speed of SD card depends on the class of SD card.

SD card are solid state media and therefore frees from the mechanical problem and damages. They never produce noise while we use SD card.

SD card can easily fit in various devices’ memory card slots and can be easily remove also.


Allows immediate access

Require less amount of power


They can be easily break

The entire card will be inaccessible, if it will be corrupted electronically

6. MMC (Multimedia Card)



MMC card is tiny and pretty looking memory card used for solid state storage. It is portable and used in various devices such as phones, car navigation, digital camera etc.

It is easy to remove and access by a computer.

Now a day many devices offer MMC slots for transferring the data to a computer.


It is free to incorporate into device

Easy to program


It is expensive

Requires special hardware

7. NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage

NAS is a server and used like file level data storage device.

This device is connected through the internet that allows us to store and retrieval of data from a centralised location. It is available for authorised network users and heterogeneous clients.

NAS devices have great flexibility feature that is we can easily add additional storage according our need.

It is like a private office in cloud where all the data and file are stored. NAS data storage devices are easy to use and it is always accessible when we need it.

One more important benefit using NAS device is : It is easy to back up of data.


Faster in use

Less expensive

Gives complete control


8. SSD (Solid State Drive)



SSD is non volatile storage device and used for storing and accessing the data like a RAM.

Accessing stored information from SSD is faster than HDD. It is reliable and consumes less power.

SSD have no any moving components, therefore accessing speed is faster than HDD.

Pros-Accessing speed is faster

More reliable and provides better performance


The price of SSD is high

Less capacity

9. SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) Card



SDHC is kind of flash memory card and allows us to store larger amount of data than SD card.

The data transferring speed of SDHD is very high and therefore it is an ideal for photographer.


Faster transfer speed

Perfect and simple set up to use

It is easy to organise


Not compatible with all devices.

10. Cloud Backup

Cloud Backups

Cloud Backups

Cloud backup refer to a backing up our data through a remote cloud based server.

Cloud backup data are stored in form of cloud storage and it is easy to remotely access this service through secure client log in application by the user.

Cloud backup saves data to a cloud based storage medium instead of HDD or any other storage device in our computer system.

Files and data are automatically saved to cloud storage from our computer regularly or scheduled basis.

  • Google Drive

Google drive provides the accessibility of anywhere anytime feature.

We can easily share the saved files from Google drive of any size by file sharing feature of Google.

Google drives offer to prepare presentation, spreadsheet etc which we can edit and save them over Google drive. That means there is no need to have a storage device to save these files.


It does not depend on any specific device to get the file. That means we easily get our files anywhere through any device.


Due to web dependency there should be internet connection to access our files unless we keep a copies on our computer.

One Drive

If you have windows pc, smartphone or tablet and need to access your files from anywhere, then it will best for you.

We can store any type of file using this service. It automatically synchronise our photos and file to a cloud storage. After uploading our files, we can easily get it back from anywhere and any windows devices.


Offers free storage up to 15 GB

It organises files and folders in easiest way.


Some sort of security issues

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the common cloud storage medium in present in world. It is more reliable and easy to use.

The uploaded files are easily accessible from anywhere by just going through the dropbox site.

We can store any type of file in Dropbox by uploading or adding them into desktop apps.


It is perfect for file sharing and synchronising


It is expensive according to storage space as compared to other services

  • Apple iCloud

Apple icloud lets you offer to save files and data to Apple’s cloud storage place and it is like an external HDD in the sky.

It is providing us the better way to save our data in a cloud storage medium which will be easy to access and manage too.

We can easily access our files and data from any device, anywhere and anytime.

It helps to keep our files and data up to date across our device


It is more reliable and safe in use.

Easy to use and offers up to 5GB free data storage


Security Issues


  • Amazon Cloud Drive

It is the place for storing everything digital. It offer cloud storage of free mobile apps and provides secured access from any computer.

Amazon cloud drive focus on music and therefore it is great beneficial for music lover and offers to pay for what you need in this service.

Amazon cloud drive offer plan to get personal cloud storage space.


Wonderful mobile access feature

Easy to use


Lack of auto synchronising

No file sharing facility

Mobile access is limited in Amazon Cloud Drive

So, here you have seen the great options for external data backup ideas. I hope you all have known about these famous external data backup ideas. I have tried to write briefly on each of the above external data backup ideas.

Each and every idea is wonderful for backing up our data when we are in need of backing up data externally.  Hope you will like to know about these ideas.

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