Best Drones to buy in 2016

10 Best Drones to Buy in 2016

Now a day, drones are becoming very popular due to better work efficiency. Many people need to have this latest technology based flying camera for video capture and to complete other requirements from drone such as auto following and for entertainment.

Drone are great useful for us such as they help farmers, making sports and other actions cool, to guard the border, monitoring wild life etc.

It is like an aerial small vehicle and therefore known as UAS (unmanned aircraft system).

Many great works have been done by using drone. It is a great alternate for aerial photo shoot in sea, forest many other places where it is difficult to capture photo.

Drone may also be used as to develop the telecommunication. But most important utilization of drone in current days is only for camera which is in everywhere.

So what are you waiting for, come to know about the popular and useful drones, which are listed below:

1. DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4

Best look in design and excellent flying ability of DJI phantom 4 concerns, it is really powerful and wonderful gift of science for us. It offers advanced, professional and standard models.

Before flying a drone, we have to charge both i.e. drone and remote control. It is easy to charge both the devices simultaneously because it comes with one included charger with plugs for both the devices.

The remote control comes with holder where we can adjust tablet or smartphone and connect with remote control. DJI has own free Go app which we have to install it on our smartphone or tablet.

The DJI Go app helps to show the drone’s camera view and lot of details and information about drone while flying.

Also, we can easily control drone while flying through remote control. The most exciting thing of new DJI Phantom 4 is that, the ability to fly it, more or less.

We can easily track or orbit a subject which makes it awesome. DJI Phantom 4 has good and smooth 4k video capturing quality and therefore the look of images and videos are looking very pretty and amazing.

Only one bad thing related to DJI Phantom 4 is: It is expensive. So, get ready to fly.

Price of DJI Phantom 4 is- $1400.

2. AirDog



The world’s first auto follow drone for capturing your action. Therefore, you can easily capture your outdoor adventures action.

It is fully automatic from takeoff to landing and allows you to focus on your action.

One important feature is: it fold-up arms for compact travel of us and it makes Airdog easy to carry.

It is very fast but easy to control and it is waterproof which is perfect for water activities such as surfing, swimming. It is has a middle flight time of 10-18 minutes.

It has a long range (about 820 feet away from Airleash) Bluetooth connectivity options which is wonderful.

Price of AirDog – $1599

3. Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter

The actual look of typhoon is amazing. It is small battery powered drone and has four rotor designs. The photo of video capturing capability of typhoon is wonderful because it is able to shoot 4k videos. It requires eight AA rechargeable batteries too.

The typhoon has built in screen to control in the form of small android devices of 480p resolution. It is difficult to add bigger and clearer screen like DJI phantom 4 in Typhoon quadcopter controller.

The airtime of typhoon is about 25 minute per battery pack which is awesome; also have a high speed flying capability.

It is highly recommended for aerial video. It is easy to fly long time and captures great 4k video.

Price of Yoneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter is – $899.

4. 3DR Solo drone

3DR Solo Drone

3DR Solo Drone

It come with smart controller that allows adjusting ipad mini and provides large display and therefore we can easily compose shots.

It is easy to use button of controller including ‘Fly’ button and ‘Return to home’ button.

The controller is easy and intuitive to use which offers ‘smart shots’. It comes with rechargeable lithium battery with HDMI output, used for streaming the flight to a larger display.

The 3DR Solo is able to fly on auto pilot mode too and follows a specific trajectory outlined path.

Most important feature is we can easily control it about 800 meters distance.

Considering all the features of 3DR Solo we can definitely say that it is worth purchasing 3DR Solo.

Price of 3DR Solo drone is – $799

5. Paroot Bebop 2

Paroot Bebop 2

Paroot Bebop 2

Paroot Bebop 2 is lightweight and compact design and has a powerful rear flashing LED for better and clearer visibility. It contains 2700mAh battery which allows 25 minutes of flight time.

Paroot Bebop 2 is robust and more flexible central with reinforced single arms with more safety.

It is equipped with a latest fish – eye brighter lense that provides the higher clarity even in low light. It also prefers flash storage system.

Using smartphone or tablet, it will be easy to intuitive piloting because it uses the accelerometer.

Price of Paroot Bebop 2 is – $548

6. BLADE 350 QX2 AP

It is engineered with SAFE i.e. (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology which is one of the great revolutionary flight protective system and therefore, it provides smoother flight.

It has a self levelling feature and perfect for video capturing. Flipping a switch automatically returns to where it started flight.

Also, it is capable of Wi-Fi streaming, photo capturing and video recording very well. It prevents from vibrations which is awesome too.

Due to included with C-G01 HD Camera, we can capture, control and better experience by just downloading C-G01 app.

Price of BLADE 350 QX2 AP – $599

7. Micro Drone 2.0

Micro Drone 2.0

Micro Drone 2.0

As the name suggest, it is small in size but great work efficiency. Micro drone provides the great entertaining experience and built for casual use.

It comes with sensors, HD cameras and remote control which is makes it easy to control in different-different area. It has a great ability of advanced sensory feature.

It facilitates self cooling technique which downs the risk of overheating during flight time.

Due to its small size the name termed as “micro”. The weight of this micro drone is only 36 g which is very light.

It comes with USB rechargeable battery of 300mAh that made up of lithium polymer and lasts less than 10 minute per flight

Price of Micro Drone 2.0 is – $122

8. XK Alian X250-B

It comes with three new and different features such as: Futaba protocol which is the best radio protocol, Great altitude holding feature when the throttle stick is locked about 50% and wonder auto-landing feature when radio links is lost during fighting.

Flight time of this drone is about 8 to 9 minutes and has a feature of 3d rolling which is amazing in look while flying.

It contains LED lights which work under low voltage. Also, it has attractive headless mode that helps to solve the pilot “loss of orientation” problem which is amazing.

It has 720p camera and also able to hang micro 5.8G FPV camera for taking pictures and videos.

Price of XK Alian X250-B – $99

9. Syma X5C

Syma X5C

Syma X5C

Most recommended drone for the beginners because it will be easy to fly and handle this Syma X5C.

It contains HD camera with 1280×720 p resolution and 2.4 GHz remote controller. Battery can be charge with USB charging cable and has a micro SD card too for storage priority.

If you are a complete beginner to have this hobby then it will be the best quadcopter model that will be easy to setup and use.

Most important thing is that it can be used both as indoors and outdoors.

It has elastic plastic protective circle, prevents the blade in flight, anti fall and anti-collision performance further enhanced.

It has a colourful flashing LED lights that keeps our aircraft quite excellent at night flying.

It offers a USB charging facility and flying time is about seven minutes. Also it has excellent frequency and bandwidth and therefore, it has ability to better remote control.

Price of Syma X5C – $45

10. MJX X400

It comes with greatest features with FPV i.e. First Person View. This is handled by the Wi-Fi FPV camera C4005 0.3 MP that helps to connect our iOS or Android smartphone through a downloaded app.

Due to having 750mAh battery, it is capable about 8 minute flight time.

It facilitates the one key return mode. After pressing one key return the drone turns towards the player. Also it has a powerful anti-interference capability.

It has a six axis gyro flight control system which permits super stable flight.

It comes with special frequency range of 2.4GHz and has a great transmission speed of radio wave.

Price of MJX X400 – $48

So here, you have watched the all popular drones for people who love to have these drones. I have tried my best to represent this list of drones, Hope you will enjoy reading this and happy to know about how drones are useful in our life.

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